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Each issue is filled with fantastic recipes to make you a better cook.

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  • Jamie - Editor

  • "What a pleasure to be bringing Jamie Magazine to North America. These pages are just a taste of what's to come, and you'll find them packed with delicious recipes, inspiring travel pieces, useful hints and tips, as well as all sorts of lovely foodie stories to get your taste buds going."

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  • Andy - Editor

  • "One of our mottos is 'Making You a Better Cook' and I hope that you'll try our easy, simple and healthy recipes on a regular basis. Many help you get the best out of your pantries, others make the most of the seasons and there are always special vegetarian, gluten-free and kids recipes on a regular basis."

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  • Robert - Publisher

  • "The magazine is much more than recipes and stories from the United States, Canada and the Caribbean - we have wonderful travel stories and cities guides from around the world which will help explore the best restaurants, great shopping and intriguing artist and chefs."

Lovely Things

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This sampler site will give you a taste of the lovely things to come this winter as we launch Jamie Magazine North America


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Now available for all our North American friends!


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    We always love to hear from you. Share your ideas for recipes or articles you want to read. Whether it is about North America or other parts of the world , we want to hear your ideas!

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